Whenever I plan a holiday trip, my family members gets divided into two groups. One wants to go to hilly regions, the other heads to sea. The first group always wins because of majority. I was thinking how to make interested about sea beaches; suddenly I went through the list of striking beaches in India which can give tough competition to the foreign beaches. Here, I’m sharing some of those. Have a look-

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Island

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It is conferred the title, “Asia’s best beach’ by the Times Magazine in 2004. What more reasons do you need to visit this beach? Mother Nature has painted the place with white sandy beach and turquoise blue water.

Agonda Beach, Goa

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If you’re too much into adventure? Plan a tent night at this beach. The crashing waves will sing lullaby to you while the starry night can be your companion. This long and calm beach is designed with palm groves and casuarinas with the backdrop of large hill.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

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The long stretched beach at Kerala is divided into three coves- the Hawa or Eve’s Beach, the Lighthouse beach and the Samudra beach. The 2nd one is the most popular because of the presence of lighthouse. But, if you want to get out of the crwd, the Samudra beach will be the good choice.

Palolem Beach, Goa

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Goa has taken the monopoly of beaches. Surrounded by thick coconut and palm forest, it is considered as the most beautiful beach of the state. If you want to live the ‘life’ of Goa, stay on the southern part. If you’re looking for a calm, picturesque view, head towards north.

Baga Beach, Goa

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Sandy beach, check. Dolphin sightseeing, check. Water sports and parasailing, check. Shacks and bars, check. Loud music, check. Now, switch on the button of your party mood and go crazy.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

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If Goa gets the first prize for its number of exotic beaches, Kerala will come second. The vast expanse of the sea with the backdrop of cliffs is enough to take your breath away.

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

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It may not have the extravaganza of Goa, but this small and pristine beach will surely make its place on the top beaches of India due to its serenity and holiness. Not only wild adventurers, this place also welcomes pious pilgrims.

Tarkarli Beach, South Maharashtra

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Do you want your honeymoon to be different from others? Escape from the crowd and visit this beach. The white sand beach, coral reefs, azure sky and deep blue sea are perfect for romantic getaway.

Marari Beach, Kerala

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If you want to enjoy the backwater of Kerala with the water sports like water skiing, sea-surfing, deep sea fishing or parasailing, plan your next holiday trip for Marari beach.

Bangagram Island Beach, Lakhshwadeep

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With warm seas, coconut groves, turquoise-blue water and silver sand, Bangagram gives heavenly experience to the tourists. This is one of the remote beaches of India where you have to fly through a helicopter. Exciting, isn’t?

Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

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How exciting it will be if you can enjoy the vastness of the sea while driving a car? Yes, this beach of West Bengal has long stretched driveways where you can drive a car or ride a bike to stroll around.

Puri Beach, Orissa

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One of the most popular beaches of India. Always full of crowd and throbbing with life. To enjoy the best of this beach, try to experience the sunrise. I’m sure you haven’t seen such a divine dawn anywhere.

Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

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Why not spend your holidays in the lap of the Bay of Bengal? Surrounded by hills and greeneries, this golden sand beach can give you lifetime experience to fill the pages of your memories.

The Nagoa Beach, Diu

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If the water sports are one type of attraction of this largest beach of Diu, the driveway to reach here is also very exciting. While driving through the coconut groves, the cool breeze plays with your locks and makes you tranquil.

Rishikonda Beach, Andhra Pradesh

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What do you need to spend a romantic evening? A loving partner, a cozy cottage, two glasses of red wine, and a wide spread beach. Pack your luggage for this beach. You can also have fun with various water sports.

Dhanushkodi Beach, Rameswaram

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Luckily, it is one of those beaches of India which are still not commercialized. To enjoy pristine nature, this can be your destination for next holiday trip.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

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If the name suggests it as ‘paradise’ on earth; you don’t want any other reasons to spend some days here. Why not celebrate your 25th marriage anniversary by arranging a second honeymoon here?

Elephanta Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Island

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If you’re planning to visit Havelock Island of Andaman and Nicobar Island, you can’t miss this beach at any cost. The boat ride, exotic snorkeling under bluish-green water, the colorful coral reefs- what more you need to experience heaven?

Muzhappilangad Beach, Kunnur

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The only drive-in beach of Kerala provides you the outstanding Malabar cuisine that you won’t forget ever. It is the swimmer’s paradise as the black lava rocks protects the beach from currents.

Kapu Beach, Karnataka

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All Indian beaches present natural beauty vividly, especially to the lenses of photographers. But if there is something that can give you variety within one package, this is the beach you can’t ignore. From the 110 year old lighthouse to an Utopian picture of Kapu village, there is no lack of subjects.

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